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Ultimate live test before production phase!

February 13, 2020

On the Thursday 13 February we were guests at the BioMedical Center of the Maastricht UMC+. The moment of the ultimate live test of our device just before the production phase!

We were allowed to use the facilities of the BioMedical Center. The first test was performed by Prof. Nicole Bouvy, professor of innovative surgery at the Maastricht UMC+. She was the first to test our new head mount, characterized by a strong increase in comfort and stability.

Due to a major software update, setting up the device to obtain a good 3D image proved to be very fast and easy. The image was immediately beautiful and bright, with vibrant and natural colors and a high degree of sharpness and a fabulous depth of field. But there's more: for the first time, streaming and recording the images could be tested in a live setting. Both installation, streaming and recording went smoothly, and the HD images could easily be viewed on a 3D display. A unique moment in product development and a major step for live clinical teaching in surgery. We're ready!


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