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Cross-Care Project 

Crosscare is a cross boarder program between Flanders and South Netherlands within the European Interreg program, with the objective to support innovative healthcare projects in a practical way. The “EIZT” (    and “Happy aging”  ( organizations will support i-Med Technology with fieldtesting to accelerate the product development and shorten time to market. I-Med Technology has developed the Head Mounted Digital Loupe to support the work of surgeons with best in class 3D stereoscopic images and additional information like pre-operative scans.

Horizon2020 ATTRACT grant awarded

To bridge the gap between basic research and real market needs, the ATTRACT consortium called for researchers, entrepreneurs and companies to send in breakthrough innovation ideas that have strong industrial application and societal added value ATTRACT is part of the Horizon 2020 program. The ATTRACT Project funds no more than 170 breakthrough technology concepts in the domain of detection and imaging technologies across Europe. Over 1,200 applications where submitted. Also i-Med Technology BV applied, and with success!
Out of all these applications the  H3D-VISIONAIR project was selected. 

April, 2019
March, 2019
October, 2019

EIT Health supports promising innovations in the European health care sector. The faster a good idea can get to the market, the better it is for European citizens and their health. In applying for the subsidy, i-Med Technology benefited from support from the subsidy specialists at Trias and the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus. Currently comprised of four members, the i-Med Technology team was pleasantly surprised by the award of the EIT Health European innovation subsidy. 

June, 2019


MIT R&D grant awarded

PS-Medtech in cooperation with i-MedTechnology applied successfully for an SME Research & Development grant from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

The cooperation focusses on the stepwise development of the electronic 3D imaging chain for surgeons with the Head Mounted Dital Loupe developed by i-MedTechnology. This project will show 3D pre-operative scans in the display while the surgeon is operating.

December, 2018
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