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Horizon2020 ATTRACT grant awarded

March, 2019

To bridge the gap between basic research and real market needs, the ATTRACT consortium called for researchers, entrepreneurs and companies to send in breakthrough innovation ideas that have strong industrial application and societal added value ATTRACT is part of the Horizon 2020 program.

The ATTRACT Project funds no more than 170 breakthrough technology concepts in the domain of detection and imaging technologies across Europe. Over 1,200 applications where submitted. Also i-Med Technology BV (with partners MUMC and imec) applied and with success! Out of all these applications the H3D-VISIONAIR project was selected. 

H3D-VISIONAIR aims to create 3D-microscope glasses that visualize the invisible for surgeons by combining3D-multispectral cameras, advanced computer analytics and Near Eye Displays.

The challenge
When cutting away sick tissue, surgeons must simultaneously identify vital anatomical structures such as nerves, lymphatic tissue and blood vessels to prevent accidental damage to these structures. Correctly identifying these vital anatomical structures remains an enormous challenge, especially due to natural differences between individual human bodies. High tech imaging techniques are truly a break through aid for surgeons in addition to their anatomical knowledge for reliable high-resolution visual discrimination of critical anatomical structures.

 The targeted breakthrough and disruptive system offers head-worn augmented reality (AR) for surgical use. It consists of two multi-spectral cameras (combining visual range with near infrared visualization), a belt computer with data processing, and a high end stereoscopic near-eye.

The H3D-VISIONAIR will enable a surgeon to see the natural colors of the tissue in full HD resolution, including 3D depth perception, and on top of that also a real-time AR with critical tissues enhanced. 

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