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European innovation subsidy from EIT Health

October,  2019

EIT Health supports promising innovations in the European health care sector. The faster a good idea can get to the market, the better it is for European citizens and their health. In applying for the subsidy, i-Med Technology benefited from support from the subsidy specialists at Trias and the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus.

Currently comprised of four members, the i-Med Technology team was pleasantly surprised by the award of the EIT Health European innovation subsidy. Co-initiator Jaap Heukelom: “The awarding of a subsidy, and this applies even more to this prestigious subsidy, also means recognition. It would appear that more and more people agree with us that the digital surgical loupe we are developing is a fantastic and very promising product.


Over the past year, we have worked hard with both specialized partners as well as enthusiastic future end users on the optimization of our digital surgical loupe. Thanks to this intensive and pleasant partnership, this has been a huge success. The coming twelve months are crucial for us. The cash amount awarded for the subsidy of € 50,000 will enable us to take necessary steps in an accelerated fashion. We will be using this amount to set up a quality control system for the certification, for the application for several patents and to prepare for production.”

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