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Successfull series of tests

Recently we did a very successful series of tests at the Maastricht University Anatomy department.

Prof. Henk van Santbrink gave a spine surgery lesson to 10 students, using the i-Med Head Mounted 3D Loupe the students could also follow the procedure real-time and very detailed in-depth on 3 large 3D monitors. This marks a breakthrough for surgical education, under normal conditions they could hardly see any details of the procedure, the students reacted enthusiastically to the experience. The surgery lesson was supported by Dr. Theo Wiggers, founder of Incision Academy, who will make a 3D surgical education video from the recorded material.

A further milestone for i-Med was the completely autonomous and wireless operation and control of the HMDL system for several hours.

This was made possible thanks to the good cooperation with the Anatomy department of Dr. Andreas Herrler, who stated that this will be the way the future of education should be.



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