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Successful first clinical test digital loupe with flying colors!

On March 3th we were a guest at the operating room of the ENT department. Dr. Raymond van de Berg had the scoop to use our device for the first time in a clinical situation at the operating room. The choice for this setting was obvious. ENT interventions are often carried out in narrow spaces that are not easily accessible. Both for the operator and for the supported staff it is difficult to get clear and well-lit 3D view. Also, it is difficult for novice operators to get the proper supervision and directions because it is hard for the supervisor to see if the trainee takes the appropriate actions in the right order.

The device was first tested when removing the tonsils. The operation was performed by Dr. van de Berg. The device was easy to set, and a good 3D image was obtained immediately. The operation could be carried out quickly and without complications using the device. There were slight limitations during use due to a restriction in the depth of field and contrast. For the intern present it was easy to follow the operation for the first time on a 3D screen with 3D glasses. This led to enthusiastic reactions.

The next operation was carried out by Dr. Frans Mulder under the guidance of Dr. van de Berg. Dr. Mulder removed the adenoid using our device. Never before could Dr. van de Berg offer such specific support, he could see exactly in 3D what Dr. Mulder saw. Both were very enthusiastic about the pleasant way in which professional bedside teaching could be given. Furthermore, Dr. Mulder was able to add the obtained footage obtained. during the operation to his training portfolio.

Great to see how our device can easily contribute to a strong improvement in professional support from doctors in training to medical specialist in the operating room.



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