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Launching customer Maastricht UMC+ orders Digital Microscopes for their OR

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

After 3 years of intensive cooperation between Maastricht UMC+ surgeons and i-Med in the development of their head-mounted digital microscope, we are proud to announce that Maastricht UMC+ has placed an initial order for the first 2 commercial systems. The leadership of this project was in the hands of Prof. Dr. Nicole D. Bouvy MD PhD, surgeon (Innovative Surgical Techniques), who has performed many tests with the device in controlled environments.

Nicole Bouvy: "Very happy to work together with this great team! Innovative plans for the near future to further develop this digital magnifying glasses for tissue recognition."

“During the journey many new ideas came from surgeons while testing, which has made the system complete with several unique fully integrated features and functionalities. We are now ready for the latest all-digital (Hybrid) Operating Rooms. The enthusiasm of Nicole Bouvy, Prof. Henk Santbrink and their colleagues in our product and future prospects has kept us going”. We would like to thank all the surgeons that have tested our system for their valued feedback, without them the product would not have reached such a high standard in such a short time.

Maastricht UMC+ has the intention after gaining some more experience with the first systems to equip further OR’s with i-Med’s Digital Microscopes." quoted Jaap Heukelom & Vincent Graham.


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