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i-Med Technology proudly presents: the digital surgical loupe with interesting benefits

March, 2019

The men behind the company I-Med Technology BV (commonly referred to as I-Med) set up in mid-2018 are doing great. They will soon be introducing their first product, a digital medical loupe with many versatile and interesting benefits. The target group of surgeons are really eager to start working with it. Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus is a partner in the company and advises and assists entrepreneurs Vincent Graham and Jaap Heukelom. Various doctors, companies and organizations based at and around the Maastricht campus are also working on the product.

“This is exactly what we have in mind for our campus here in Maastricht: a good product combined with the bundling of strengths and sharing of knowledge. Stronger together, smarter together and working hard together.” Jan Cobbenhagen, CEO of Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus

The product: new, unique and extremely high quality

One important fact to know is that customized glasses fitted with a loupe are part of almost every surgeon’s standard equipment. It enlarges a surgeon’s work area, and makes higher precision work possible. I-Med is currently developing the successor to the standard loupe: a lightweight (less than 350 grams!), digital surgical loupe with excellent 3D image quality, a powerful LED lamp with the option of calling up pre-operative information in images, which also even makes 3D recording possible of the complete picture that the surgeon sees through the loupe.


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