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Expert Course on Autotransplantation

Last week, a group of 12 specialized dentists attended Expert Course on Autotransplantation organised by Proclin Rotterdam. Dr. Dick Barendregt, co-founder of Proclin in Rotterdam, introduced the use of the Digital Head-mounted microscope of i-Med, which provided perfect 3D images with variable zoom. 

The 3D videos, made with the Digital Head-mounted microscope of i-Med, added significantly to learning experience of the experts and especially the depth perception proved to be as if the experts were working themselves. Dr. Barendregt was very pleased with the use of the system, stating that it was very easy to work with, and that the weight and ergonomics were great. In fact, he mentioned that the system could be used for many hours without causing any discomfort.


Proclin plans to use 3D technology for all future training and conferences, as it adds a lot of value by providing the depth perception. Jaap Heukelom, the commercial director of i-Med, expressed his happiness with Proclin's decision to adopt this technology early on, and thanked Dr. Barendregt, Edwin Eggink, and their team for the positive feedback. He also added that the use of 3D images that are life-steramed and recorded is of great importance for education, as well as for daily effective working in dentistry.

Proclin Rotterdam is taking care of complex dental problems with a large team of specialists. Proclin is the address for complex dental problems such as damage after dental trauma, nerve infections, gum infections (periodontitis), severe tooth wear, missing teeth and jaw abnormalities. Proclin is part of the TopMondzorg group in the Netherlands

i-Med Technology BV is a young innovative company based in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and a specialist in the Near to Eye solutions for the medical and dental market


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