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A new technique

Last week, thanks to the support of Jaap Heukelom (Co-Founder i-Med Technology), Minerva Medical Devices presented the only Wearable 3D Digital Microscope in an exclusive national preview at the University Hospital of Padua. The surgeons of the Cardiothoracic group were able to test this new technology with the involvement of Prof. Federico Rea of the UOC of Thoracic Surgery, Prof. Franco Grego of the UOC of Vascular Surgery, Prof. Gino Gerosa of the UOC of Cardiac Surgery and Prof. Vladimiro Vida of the UOC of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery. The possibility of evaluating the Wearable 3D Digital Microscope in preview made it possible to discover all the potential of the new device both in the operating and in the didactic field.

It was a pleasure and an honour to meet with so many enthusiastic specialists. Seems everybody is ready for the next phase in the operating room. Very well organized thanks to my dear friend Giancarlo Melato (Minerva sas)


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