“Unsurpassed full-HD resolution back-end technology”
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Digital Surgical Loupe

The product: new, unique and high quality

Important to know beforehand: a custom-made pair of glasses with a magnifying glass and headlight belongs to the standard equipment of almost every surgeon. This increases the work field, making it easier to work accurately. I-Med has developed the successor to that standard magnifying glass: a lightweight (now less than 250 grams!) Head Mounted Digital Loupe with an excellent 3D Full-HD image quality, with a powerful LED lamp with the possibility to display preoperative information on screen as well as make 3D recordings of the complete picture that the surgeon sees through the microscope.



  • Full HD Strereoscopic  non-compressed Digital Imaging chain (Camera & Display)

  • Lightweight system, <250 gram

  • Wearable wireless system (HMDL and PC)

  • Adjustable zoom

  • Integrated adjustable power LED

  • 3D recording (evaluation, education, filing)

  • Remote 3D remote viewing and assistance

  • Tablet remote control all functions

  • Direct viewing of pre-operational data (scans)

  • Platform for new surgical 3D imaging technologies


Outstanding 3D image quality


Powerful LED work light


Digital preoperative information in the picture


3D recordings




Michael Jacobs

"I-Med has something unique: I have not seen anything like this anywhere in the world"

His first contact with I-Med dates from about a year ago: "I read something about VR glasses and heard that there was a company here on campus that had a lot of experience with it. I contacted them and found the combination of magnifying glass and camera interesting. It is an ideal opportunity to train our students before they actually start operating on people. I knew that PS Medtech - also on the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus - is developing software that can convert 2D scans into 3D images. "Is that possible with such glasses?" I asked and the ball started to roll. "

Prof. dr. Dr. Michael Jacobs is cardiovascular surgeon in Maastricht and in Aachen. He is head of the Heart / Vascular Center at Maastricht UMC + and he is head of Vascular Surgery at Uniklinik RWTH Aachen.