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“Unsurpassed full-HD resolution back-end technology”
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Digital Surgical Loupe

The product: new, unique and high quality

Important to know beforehand: a custom-made pair of glasses with a magnifying glass and headlight belongs to the standard equipment of almost every surgeon. This increases the work field, making it easier to work accurately. I-Med has developed the successor to that standard magnifying glass: a lightweight (now less than 250 grams!) Head Mounted Digital Loupe with an excellent 3D Full-HD image quality, with a powerful LED lamp with the possibility to display preoperative information on screen as well as make 3D recordings of the complete picture that the surgeon sees through the microscope.

Key Features


  • Full HD Strereoscopic  non-compressed Digital Imaging chain (Camera & Display)

  • Lightweight system, <250 gram

  • Wearable wireless system (HMDL and PC)

  • Adjustable zoom

  • Integrated adjustable power LED

  • 3D recording (evaluation, education, filing)

  • Remote 3D remote viewing and assistance

  • Tablet remote control all functions

  • Direct viewing of pre-operational data (scans)

  • Platform for new surgical 3D imaging technologies


Outstanding 3D image quality


Powerful LED work light


Digital preoperative information in the picture


3D recordings

Value Proposition



Michael Jacobs

"I-Med has something unique: I have not seen anything like this anywhere in the world"

His first contact with I-Med dates from about a year ago: "I read something about VR glasses and heard that there was a company here on campus that had a lot of experience with it. I contacted them and found the combination of magnifying glass and camera interesting. It is an ideal opportunity to train our students before they actually start operating on people. I knew that PS Medtech - also on the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus - is developing software that can convert 2D scans into 3D images. "Is that possible with such glasses?" I asked and the ball started to roll. "

Prof. dr. Dr. Michael Jacobs is cardiovascular surgeon in Maastricht and in Aachen. He is head of the Heart / Vascular Center at Maastricht UMC + and he is head of Vascular Surgery at Uniklinik RWTH Aachen.



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